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Lifestyle Chiropractic, established in 2005 by Amanda Hensman - joined in the company by Mairi Dowlen in 2008, has built a successful reputation built on the basis of enhancing the lifestyle/well-being aspect of chiropractic care, as well as pain relief for a variety of known conditions.
Having a combined experience as Chiro’s of 30 years, Amanda and Mairi are passionate about supporting their patients to keep symptom free, healthy and well according to their lifestyle.
‘So many of us know how to get out of pain, however staying that way, and maintaining or becoming healthier and energised for life, is something we are not generally taught. ‘
As such they have developed a series of action steps to support this.
The steps have been derived by years of experience through observations and commonly asked questions, they include: nutritional aspects vital for pain relief and tissue healing, how to sit, sleep, lift, general ergonomics, and much more..
We take you on a journey from getting out of pain as quickly as possible, through to optimum function – having enough energy to do what you love most!
Focussing on advocating healthy habits in daily life, you become more able to prevent of further damage or regression.
Over time, in combination with hands on care, many of our patients have Transformed their lifelong relationship with health and vitality.
Our passion is to help create healthy fun communities – with balanced bodies and minds –creating and maintaining all aspects of a fulfilled and healthy lifestyle and doing more of what they love.
Our Chiropractors are all registered with GCC and have 4-5 year MSc Degrees in Chiropractic (amongst other things!)

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