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What is

The Second Visit?

After your examination and some time spent by your Chiropractor studying your findings - we then report back to you:
What we found?, What it means?, What we can do to help?, 

The Report of Findings is the second visit in your Consultation package. 

Once we have taken your details and examined you thoroughly, our Chiropractors then study your findings and make a Diagnosis and prescribe a Care Programme based on this. 

The Report of FIndings is a verbal summary of:

  • What we have found

  • What it means

  • What we can do to help

  • What the costs of that are

If you know this is the right thing for you, then we can start the Programme at this time, and you will go on and have your First Adjustment. 

You will then be given some guidelines called our Do's and Don'ts, these will help you to look after yourself until your next adjustment. 

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