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What is

The First Visit?

Your health details, examination of your joints, muscles and nerves 

This is where we get to know all about you.

We will learn about your current health problems, concerns, how it is affecting you day to day, and what your health goals are. 


This initial consultation gives the Chiropractor the information about how your body is working. This will help us to get to know how we can help. 

Our Chiropractors are trained in diagnosis, so no matter what the health issue that is causing your symptoms, we will be able to put you on the right road to getting help.


This may be either with ourselves if it is something we can help with, or by referring you to an appropriate professional if we are unable to help. 

During the in depth Initial Consultation we observe your posture, we conduct a variety of clinical and Chiropractic tests that examine your nerves, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons to establish the cause of your symptoms or concerns.

If necessary we will also suggest and refer you for X-ray examination following the initial testing. 


Then, once we have your findings, your lifestyle type and your health goals - we study these in order to prepare for your next visit with us.


Second visit

Once we have identified the cause of your problem we clearly discuss how we can help you overcome your health challenge so you can return to vibrant healthy life.


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