Dr Amanda Hensman - Director and Senior Chiropractor

Dr Amanda Hensman ( Doctor of Chiropractic)

BSc Sports Science, MSc Chiro, GCC, BCA, MRCC.


Amanda is the lead Chiropractor and co-owner of Lifestyle Chiropractic.

Amanda completed a BSc in Sport Science at Brighton University, and went on to take an MSc in Chiropractic at the University of Surrey, graduating in 2000.

She held a number of Chiropractic positions around the country prior to setting up Lifestyle in 2005 - including her first job in her home town of Lincoln.


Lifestyle Chiropractic was set up with a view to enhancing the lifestyle/well-being aspect of chiropractic care.

Our Patient Voyage is about lifestyle and health, not just pain relief, to those who choose to be supported by it.


Amanda continues to specialize in Structural Rehabilitation, and optimising function of the body for life vibrancy 

Dr Mairi Dowlen - Director and Senior Chiropractor

Dr Mairi Dowlen (Doctor of Chiropractic)

BSc BioMedSci, MSc Chiro, GCC, SCA, FRCC

Dr Mairi Dowlen, Director and Senior Chiropractor.


Mairi started her journey in to Chiropractic whilst studying BioMedical Sciences at Aberdeen. Her aim at the time was to study Medicine.

Whilst studying, she embarked upon a massage course to experience a more ‘hands on’ approach.

However it was whilst observing a local Chiro she was totally ‘wowed!”

These two experiences gave her everything she needed to know to start studying Chiropractic the following year. . graduating from the 4 year BSc & MSc degree programme in 2004.


Since then her journey has taken her further study in paediatrics, pregnancy, cranial and emotional release techniques and root cause adjusting.


She says: “I am incredibly grateful to work with so many different individuals in such a dynamic, holistic profession”

Tel : 01872 224011

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